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California revamps new website aimed at connecting veterans with benefits

California spent $500,000 on a website redesign in hopes that more veterans will apply and receive the benefits they deserve.  If you are a veteran or working with veterans, please visit the CalVet website.

WINS Instruction Letter Out

DSS has issued instructions on implementing WINS, including the case computer codes.  Counties can start anytime they want, but must implement by 7/1/14.

Dental Provider Shortage in California on the Heels of Denti-Cal Restoration

UCLA Health Policy brief details the shortage of dentists in California.  Dentists complained about the termination of Denti-Cal and the economic downturn as possible reasons for the shortage.  Denti-Cal will be partially restored starting May 1, 2014.

DOL Investigation results in restoration of $2 million in pension benefits to 515 California truck drivers

Lange Trucking Inc., a California company, employs 515 truck drivers under a federal U.S. Postal Service contract.  Under the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act, federal contractors must pay their service workers at least the prevailing rate for benefits in the company’s...

CFPB orders health care credit card company to refund up to $34.1 million for unfair and deceptive enrollment tactics

According to the CFPB, more than 175,000 medical offices are beginning to offer deferred interest credit cards.  Seniors facing large health care bills are turning to these credit cards to help make ends meet but seniors are not receiving accurate...

Making Ends Meet: How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Family in California?

A new CBP report shows that many families across California struggle to afford a modest standard of living, including commuting and child care.  County-by-county fact sheets.

Updated CalFresh Calculator is here!

Here’s the updated calculator With all the latest numbers!  Please note the tabs on the bottom, as there is one for October and one for November with the cuts from the loss of ARRA funding.

Value of TANF continues to drop

Center on Budget Policies and Priorities has release a new report on TANF values. Cash assistance benefits for the nation’s poorest families with children fell again in purchasing power in 2013 and are now at least 20 percent below their 1996...

Framing: Taking it to the Streets!

Race Equity Project staff and LSNC client the Coalition on Regional Equity (CORE) are meeting monthly with interested community activists to share framing techniques for use on local equity campaigns. Relying heavily on the research of The Frame Works Institute...

Reframing Sa-I-Gu, 20 Years Later

Sa-I-Gu is an amalgamation of the Korean words for 4, 2, and 9.  4/29 is the date of what has also been called the Los Angeles Uprising, the Los Angeles “Riots” and the “Rodney King Riots”.  This year is the...