What happens after my child is referred for an assessment?

The school district has 15 days from the date you made the written request for assessment to provide you with an assessment plan for your child. If you make the request 10 days or less from the end of the school year, the school district must develop the assessment plan within 10 days after school starts the next school year. You have 15 days to sign the assessment plan and return it to the school district. The school district may not perform an initial assessment of your child without your written approval unless the school district wins a hearing that requires your child to be assessed. 


After you turn in the assessment plan, the school district has 60 days to complete the assessment and hold a meeting to determine if your child is eligible for special education (excluding school vacation days in excess of five). If you turn in the signed assessment plan 30 days or less before the end of the school year, the school district must hold a meeting to determine eligibility for special education within 30 days of the start of the next school year.


The school will assess your child in the areas of suspected disability. For example, if you are concerned with your child’s speaking skills, the school will administer tests to determine if your child has a speech and language impairment. If your child’s native language is not English, your child must be assessed in their primary language.


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