What can I do if my CalFresh benefits are stolen electronically?

You can be reimbursed for unauthorized withdrawals from your EBT account even if you never lost your card.  This happens when someone steals your benefits from a point-of-sale or ATM machine (called "skimming"), or when you are tricked into giving your information to someone else (called "scamming").  


You must file a claim form with the county by using the EBT 2259 form within 90 days of the theft.


If you lose benefits to electronic theft, you can get up to two months of replacement benefits for each countable replacement of electronic theft.  A countable replacement is each overall sequence of electronic theft transactions, regardless of how many transactions are involved. You can only get two instances of electronic theft replacement each fiscal year (October 1 to September 30).  Replacements prior to December 1, 2023 do not count toward this limit.


The county has 10 business days to replace your benefits.  Holidays or weekends do not count.  If the county wants to investigate your claim, the county can delay replacing your benefits for 25 days.  


Here is a flyer with more information. 

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