What agencies offer recovery assistance for disaster survivors?

After a natural disaster, survivors can reach out to local, state and federal resources.  It is common for the state to open a Local Assistance Center or Disaster Relief Center near the disaster site to serve as a one-stop disaster resources location.  Individuals can also reach out to the federal and state agencies listed below:


CalOES.  CalOES provides incident-specific information, updates and possible financial assistance.  Available resources and deadlines vary by disaster.


FEMA - Filing Individual Claims. FEMA can provide immediate and long term recovery assistance to people affected by disaster.  FEMA assistance is not available for all natural disasters, and the scope is limited.  LSNC can help you understand your FEMA rights and obligations.


U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans. SBA can cover losses that are not covered by FEMA or other programs. 


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