Can I still apply for COVID-19 rental assistance?

No.  If you live in a county covered by the state rent relief program (, you can no longer apply for rental assistance. The state deadline to apply for funding was on March 31, 2022.


The SERA 2 program (Sacramento) is no longer taking new applications.  If you have a pending application, please continue to keep your information current and respond to any questions from the program.  Priority will be given to applicants who have received an eviction notice that has been filed with the court and have met the SERA program eligibility requirements. 


If you have already applied for SERA funding and you receive a notice from the Sacramento Superior Court advising that your landlord has filed an Unlawful Detainer case against you, it’s important that you notify the court if you have a pending SERA application. We can help you notify the court. You should also notify the SERA program by emailing your eviction notice (unlawful detainer) to

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