Western States Pension Assistance Project

Western States Pension Assistance Project
501 12th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
United States

Telephone numbers
Toll free:


The Western States Pension Assistance Project is a pension counseling project within LSNC that provides services free of charge. We serve callers of all ages and income levels who live or have worked in California, Arizona, Nevada or Hawaii. There are no age or income requirements to this project. 


Our knowledgeable pension team can help understand your retirement plan rights and claim the benefits you have earned, regardless of the type of company or retirement benefit involved. They also assist with:

  • tracking down benefits from previous employers;
  • working through the claims and appeals process;
  • helping you understand your rights as a former or surviving spouse;
  • correcting pension benefit calculations; and
  • addressing overpayment demands.


Our pension counseling services are provided without charge to those who live in or have earned a retirement benefit in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. Click here for more information

Telephone Consultations

Eligible callers can reach us toll-free at (866) 413-4911 to get a free telephone consultation with an attorney or legal advocate. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis and may have a callback waiting period. However, priority may go to low-income clients and emergencies.


Online Intake Inquiries  Please use this link to submit an online inquiry.  Submitting an online inquiry does not commence the attorney-client relationship.  We are making online intake inquiries available to provide an additional way to seek legal help.

Cases we handle

See program description, above.

What to bring

Any documents that relate to your problem (but try to do a phone appointment).


Call office for specific accommodations or assistance.  If you are deaf or hard of hearing or have conditions that make telephone contact difficult and prefer to contact our office by email, click here


You can find parking on E and F streets.  Please pay attention to parking signs to avoid a ticket.