California Regulations

  • California Code of Regulations (CCR) @ Office of Administrative Law (OAL) – free online access via Westlaw to the CCRs, provided by the Office of Administrative Law, official repository for the California Code of Regulations (CCR); contains text of regulations formally adopted by state agencies, reviewed and approved by OAL, and filed with the Secretary of State; CCR consists of 28 titles and contains the regulations of approximately 200 state regulatory agencies.
    • Search the California Code of Regulations by title and section number.
  • Child Support Services Regulations @ CDCSS – convenient links to California child support regs in the MPP and CCR, plus a list of all permanent regulations as adopted.
  • State Hearings Division @ CDSS – includes:
    • Paraphrased Regulations – edited statements of the law relied on by State Hearings Division in public assistance cases.
    • Training Bureau Notes – rich source for SHD research, interpretations of substantive and procedural requirements, court decisions, and state agency regulatory policies and decisions re California’s various public assistance programs.

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