Two child support changes

There are two important child support changes that will impact clients.  First, starting in October, 2011, custodial parents who receive services from a Local Child Support Agency and who have never received CalWORKs will be charged $25 annually if at least $500 has been collected on their case during the year.  The fee will be taken from collected child support.  The state had previously paid this fee, and now the fee will be passed on to clients.   Notice has already been mailed to clients about the fee.  Clients can request an exemption if less than $500 was collected, the client paid the fee in another state or the client has received CalWORKs.  The exemption form is at

Second, the federal regulations for interstate child support cases have been changed.  The new regulations have new timeframes including 30 days for states to respond to request for services, 20 days to refer to the appropriate state and 30 days for the responding state to file the controlling order with the appropriate tribunal.   The new rules are summarized at and the new rules are at